About Us

We Love Food

We also love animals and all other creatures of this Earth. Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in the catering and hospitality industry. With the aforementioned in mind, that is why we started a vegan catering company right in the heart of Portland!

We’re a little different than most catering companies. We don’t just cook-up lots of food to feed lots of people – we’re conscious cooks who want to serve people what inspiring and intriguing dishes. Gone are the days of boring thoughtless dishes – Rainbow Gardens Vegan Catering will provide everything you need for any event! From small parties to large galas or weddings, we can do it all. Ask us about our private Valentine’s Day specials – you’ll love em!

We’re located in the heart of Portland and owned by Sharon and John. As Oregon Culinary Institute graduates in 2014, Sharon and John found themselves owners of a small pizza restaurant near campus. It became clear that their talents could be used to fill a gap in the market for vegan catering and they sold their shop to go on a new adventure together.